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Our Key Differentiators


Committed shareholders

 Diversified client base

Long term staff trackrecord


Thin management layers

Hands-on expertise


Senior management involved in day-to-day activities

Transparent, reliable and competitives fees


Inter-disciplinary knowledge for each client profile

Direct servicing approach

Corporate Administration

  • Advice on best type of structure for your needs
  • Verification of suggested name
  • Drafting of articles of incorporation 
  • Assistance in obtaining business or professional authorization and vat registration
  • Coordination with other service providers, such as banks, legal advisers and notaries
  • Registered domiciliation agent 
  • Delivery of a registered address 
  • Provision of office space and staff 
  • Organization of board and shareholder meetings
  • Drafting of the minutes of official meetings
  • Maintenance of registers of shareholders and/or bondholders 
  • Protection and archiving of corporate documents and records as required by Law
  • Execution of proper registration with local authorities
  • Assistance with other functions as per corporate governance criteria
  • Supply of company secretarial roles 
  • Efficient management of correspondence and communications
    Maintenance of accurate accounts and records available for inspection at any time
  • Provision of active directorships

  • Management of shareholders registers of a company
  • Regular updates
  • Communication and reporting
  • Management of the notice of meeting 
  • Verification of registration certificates and collection of voting instructions 
  • Monitoring of electronic voting 
  • Communication on confirmation of the votes cast to shareholders
  • Appointment as liquidator
  • Connection with independent 3rd parties in charge of tax and legal matters
  • Keeping of company accounts, liquidation accounts as well as periodical reports
  • Management of daily operations as well as third-party relationships
  • Provision of specific secretarial services related to liquidation
  • Completion of liquidation

Global Accounting & Tax

  • Provision of regular accounting services
  • Cash management
  • Payroll administration
  • Preparation of statutory accounts
  • Filing of accounts with local authorities
  • Financial results and performance analysis
  • Implementation of the most efficient structure for tax compliance
  • Provision of specific and global solutions for tax efficiency
  • General and specific tax planning, including directors' remuneration, or application of advance tax agreements VAT and corporate tax return services

Family Office

  • Management of administrative requirements
  • Personnel support
  • Personal bookkeeping and tax matters
  • Coordination of private accounts
  • Personal data server & safe for important documents
  • Accounting and reporting services 
  • Business secretarial support and administrative requirements 
  • Legal documentation

Plug&Play Support and Payroll

  • Flexible size
  • Short-term lease
  • Dedicated IT, fixed phone and fax
  • Payroll administration including split payroll
  • Mandatory payroll declarations to the relevant social security administration
  • Mandatory declarations to the relevant tax office (withholding tax and earning certificates)

Who we are

We are a Luxembourg-based service provider (Member of OEC) operating in the field of corporate and administration services. We offer a full range of services designed to meet all your needs, ranging from company incorporation to accounting, tax and legal advice, and all aspects of the company’s life cycle.

Why Luxembourg ?

Luxembourg as the gateway to the investment world

Global economic perspectives

According to Eurostat for the period 2009-2017 alone, Luxembourg increased its population by a strategic 19.7%

In 2020, investment funds will manage net assets of EUR 4,000 billion (May 2017), representing 50 times the annual GDP of the Grand-Duchy. We are 1st in Europe and 2nd in the world.

The GDP of the Grand Duchy is forecasted to experience a 23% increase between 2014 and 2019. Luxembourg is AAA-rated.

Your gateway to Europe: 1 market, 28 countries, 500 million consumers. We are the 3rd most globalized economy in the world.


In 2020, the office real estate market is expected to reach EUR 32 billion against EUR 23 billion in 2014, which represents a 40% growth

By 2020, there will be a shortfall of office premises in the Grand-Duchy.

Construction: pilot projects will be conducted in intelligent construction, encouraging a circular use of resources.

Renewable energy

By 2050, the country aims to cover 70% of its total energy consumption from renewable energy sources.

And abroad


4, rue du Commerce,
L-3450 Dudelange
(Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)


+ 352 - 274.744.1

Your Key Contacts

Jean-Pierre Késy

Director of Fiduciaire WOTAN S.A.

Jean-Pierre KESY is a chartered certified accountant. He has worked extensively in the fields of accounting and statutory auditing and has thorough knowledge in all related aspects of a company’s life-cycle. His long track record shows his commitment to providing valued advice to a wide based clientele and in establishing a good working relationship with all his clients. Jean-Pierre has worked for more than 25 years for various companies in Luxembourg, namely IQEQ (ex-SGG) and HRT Fidalux amongst others.

Hohria Halima Filali

Senior Relationships Officer at Fiduciaire WOTAN S.A.

Hohria HALIMA FILALI is a qualified company portfolio manager with extensive experience as a para-legal secretary. She has strong communication and social skills and is the intermediary for all clients assuring the highest standard of client services for all internal/external shareholders, maintaining and developing existing client portfolios, identifying and developing new business opportunities and managing all contractual and financial relationships with the client. She has worked for more than 25 years in various companies in Luxembourg namely IQEQ (ex-SGG) and HRT Fidalux.